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Final Draft Preservation Trust Fund Analysis & Strategy Report Presented to Freeholders

More than 20 years have passed since the inception of the Morris County Preservation Trust Fund programs.

To assess the future needs for the Trust Fund, the county contracted with the consulting firm Brandstetter Carroll, Inc., to undertake an analysis of the open space preservation, farmland preservation, historic preservation, and park development programs.

The findings were presented to the freeholder board at its July 9 work session in Morristown.

The report is now posted online at

Population Estimates for 2013 Released by Census Bureau / Other Data Available

The United States Census Bureau has released new county and municipal population estimates as well as county housing unit estimates for 2013. In addition, new data concerning Morris County public school enrollment and residential building permit activity has also been released by the N.J. Department of Education and the N.J. Department of Community Affairs. Of note:

  • Between April 1, 2010 and July 1, 2013, Morris County’s population rose from 492,276 to 499,397 persons, an increase of 1.4%.
  • During this same period, the Borough of Riverdale experienced the greatest percentage population increase in Morris County, rising by 14.1%, or 501 persons. This was also the greatest percentage increase of all municipalities in the State.
  • The number of new housing units authorized by building permit in 2013 rose to 899 units, up significantly from the recession era low of 391 units authorized in 2008.  Multi-family housing units made up more than half of all housing units authorized by building permit in 2013.  

Tables, charts and maps showing the latest county and municipal population estimates, county housing unit estimates, and recent public school enrollment and building permit figures have been posted to the Data and Statistics page.

2013 Development Activity Report

The 2013 Development Activity Report for Morris County is now available. The annual report, published by the Morris County Planning Board, provides an overview of development trends and an insight of the development activity in 2013 for Morris County. This year’s cover features convenience stores and national chain pharmacies. While other commercial development lagged during the recent economic downturn and slow recovery, the development of convenience stores, pharmacies and banks at key locations remained steady.


  • 45% increase in the amount of submissions as compared to 2012.
  • In 2013 there was a 380% increase in the number of new proposed multi-family residential units (1,055 units) from 2012.
  • Decrease in the Industrial Vacancy Rate
  • Office Vacancy Rate expected to stabilize and gradually decrease

The 2013 Development Activity Report can be viewed and downloaded online.

For more information, contact the Morris County Planning Board at or 973-829-8120.

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